Mooncakes return to tradition

Date created 9:36 ngày 21 / 12 / 2022

Still familiar brands, major confectionery companies produce moon cakes, cake shops also join in, and large hotels all have famous luxury cake brands.

In terms of variety, it is impossible to mention all the countless types of cakes, mixed fillings are added with everything from roasted chicken, ham, fish fins, abalone… to innovative types with chocolate and chestnut fillings. … People add all sorts of things as an excuse to increase the price. From the traditional cake for children to feast on on the Full Moon night, it has now become an expensive gift placed in wooden boxes lined with silk, beautiful and luxurious paper boxes reserved for giving, the price of which can sometimes reach up to more than 1 million VND. These beautiful cakes are often bought as gifts. As for food, many people go to famous private bakeries for a long time.

Looking at the line of people lining up for several hours on Thuy Khue street (Tay Ho, Hanoi) to buy Bao Phuong sticky rice cakes, we can see that very clearly. Why are there so many types of cakes out there that people have to waste time queuing here to buy some cakes? Simply because it is delicious, it is truly a traditional cake reserved for the full moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, without any additions or embellishments. It’s also a baked cake mixed with pumpkin jam, fatty meat, sesame… with a few fragrant lemon leaves… why does it taste so good, I want to inhale it while eating it. That traditional flavor still has such appeal. It seems that many people are bored with industrially produced, uniform cakes, so many people turn to this traditional cake.

For a long time, I’ve been surprised because the children in the house are indifferent when they see the cakes and don’t bother to touch them. The baked cakes with thin crust and green bean filling that they call braised sweet soup, the mushy sticky cakes… how can they attract children in the city, which already has an abundance of sweets? Yet this year the children are also excited about mixed pies. It turns out, what is reasonable will always exist.